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TreJon House @ Microsoft
Interviewing at Microsoft in Redmond, WA

My name is TreJon House, at the time of writing this I am 24, and a professional software engineer. I am originally from the south side of Chicago where I attended and graduated Marist Catholic College Prep. From Marist I went on to attend the Milwaukee School of Engineering [University], where I graduated in November 2017 with my B.S.E in Software Engineering.

While attending MSOE I held internships with Cognex, Doubleberry LLC, Jackbox Games, and IFS. Upon graduation, I worked full time as a mobile applications developer for IFS for their field service business unit.

Between my studies and internships I became very proficient in modern web development and mobile development, with a strong emphasis on .NET and NodeJS. My school work and professional work wasn’t enough to fuel my passion for developing ‘cool’ stuff.

I became a software engineer because I aspire to be a video game developer. My curriculum at MSOE, of course, did not directly facilitate developing video games, nor did any of the software engineering positions I held encourage (with the exception of Jackbox). This lead me on to start developing a lot of my own games and apps, either small scale platformers that lie out in the abyss half finished, to fully developed and published mobile apps.

So where does Coding With Casa, and now Coding House fit into all of this? I struggled a lot in my undergrad career simply due to the course material being taught in a strange obscure way that was difficult to wrap my head around. I spent a lot of time learning the material from other sources, or by sheer brute force. Which brings in CWC and Coding House, my aim for these platforms is to provide a means for those wanting to learn how to code, or a certain aspect or concept an easier way to do so. Along with ‘teaching’ others to code, I want to use Coding House as a personal portfolio of the projects we embark upon.

So a lot has been said on this page alone, and I assume most of it doesn’t flow well and if it weren’t for Grammarly there would be a ton more grammar and spelling mistakes. And if you were to take one thing from this, note that I am not an English major and there will be a number of times where I just don’t English well. All the same, let’s have some fun, build some apps, break some stuff, and down some Dew.

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